What’S A Word For In The Moment?

What is another word for currently?

What is another word for currently?nowadaystodaypresentlyat the present timeat this stagecontemporarilythese daysfor the time beingat this moment in timeright now26 more rows.

What is a word for spur of the moment?

What is another word for spur-of-the-moment?spontaneousimprovisationalunrehearsedimpulsiveoffhandunplannedunpremeditatedextemporaneousextemporaryextempore72 more rows

What is the meaning of at that moment?

You use expressions such as at the moment, at this moment, and at the present moment to indicate that a particular situation exists at the time when you are speaking. At the moment, no one is talking to me. This is being planned at the present moment. He’s touring South America at this moment in time.

What is the opposite word of moment?

Antonyms of MOMENT puniness, eternity, whole, anonymity, odium, history, infamy, loss, disgrace, discredit, obscurity, past, insignificance, worthlessness, triviality, dishonor, future, disadvantage, disrepute, unimportance, shame, lifetime, ignominy, paltriness, hereafter, forever, opprobrium, infinity, valuelessness.

What is another word for at the moment?

What is another word for at the moment?at presentjust nowat the present timeat this moment in timenowat the present momentat the minuteat this momenttodaynowadays22 more rows

What word means in the moment?

Idiom. Mindful, present. mindful.