What Should I Look For When Buying A Fire Pit?

How big should a circle be for a fire pit?

A fire pit itself is rarely larger than four or five feet across.

The patio space around it should be an additional four to six feet on all sides.

Seat walls are a great way to both visually define the space and allow for lots of seating..

Are Chimineas better than fire pits?

If you’re looking for something a bit more extravagant, then a chiminea or fire pit is probably a better solution to your outdoor heating experience. Chimineas are great for smaller gardens and family gatherings as a permanent feature. They’re ideal for personal use but aren’t particularly suited to commercial users.

Backyard fire pits have become much more popular with homeowners in recent years. More homeowners are installing backyard fire pits because they provide warmth while adding atmosphere to your outdoor living space. … A fire pit creates a warm, central gathering area for entertaining well into the evening hours.

Are steel fire pits good?

Steel fire pits are also quite popular, and with good reason. They’re weather resistant, lightweight, durable and relatively inexpensive. They may not be as sturdy as cast iron, but they can offer a pleasing aesthetic and are quite low maintenance.

Can I use a fire pit in my backyard?

Backyard fire pits are legal as long as they follow the laws and regulations set up by the county they are in. You can even take portable fire pits to campsites or be permitted to build them there. … Each town has its own set of rules regarding recreational fires, but most follow similar safety guidelines and laws.

Do I need a fire ring for a fire pit?

Your fire pit will be just fine with retaining wall blocks, but once you’re done building the pit, you may wish to insert a steel fire ring. Doing so will extend the life of your blocks by preventing them from drying out prematurely.

Is it OK to put a fire pit on grass?

Fire pits can be placed directly on top of grass. However, without proper precaution, there can be major damage to the grass. It is recommended to place a mat or other material underneath to avoid damage.

What fire pit gives off the most heat?

wood pitsChoose Your Heat Source: Wood Because they can produce a fire larger than a gas burner, wood pits are usually the best choice for the most heat. To some, wood fires smell as good as they look, but to others, the smoke and particulates they emit go beyond nuisance to health hazard.

Where do you place a fire pit?

Fire pits should be placed at a minimum of ten feet away from your house and also neighbors yards. In addition to placing the fire pit a safe distance away from your home, it should also be in a place where there are no overhanging branches, fences or other structures that could easily catch fire.

What size fire pit should I buy?

Most pits are between 20 and 48 inches square or in diameter. And, ideally, you should place the fire pit at least 10 feet away from any structures on the sides — this includes your house (or another building) and trees in your yard.

Is stainless steel good for fire pits?

With a naturally high melting point, stainless steel fire pits offer durability and a corrosion- and stain-resistant surface. Look for different finishes, from a polished shine to a brushed mill finish. Rusted steel works well when you want a weathered look for your fire pit.

What do you put in the bottom of a fire pit?

Some materials like hard rock, gravel, or sand weren’t meant to reach high temperatures and can spark and explode if your fire gets too hot. Instead, use lava rocks for your fire pit or lava glass beads as a filler for your fire pit. They are a safe way to create drainage and make your fire pit look nice.

What should I look for in a fire pit?

The materials that we see the most are stone, brick, concrete, stainless steel, and cast iron. These metals hold up well under high heat and are also rust resistant! For the standard fire pit, the most common fuel source is wood, but there are other options that use propane, natural gas, and charcoal.

What is the best fire pit to buy?

Best Steel: Kingso Outdoor Firepit.Best Decorative: Patina Products Collegiate Series Firepit.Best Patio: Bali Outdoors Gas Firepit.Best Portable: Solo Stove Ranger.Best Fire Bowl: Terra Flame Zen Table Top Fire Bowl.Best for Camping: Backyard Wildlife Firepit and Grill.Best Tile: Endless Summer Elizabeth Firepit.More items…•