Quick Answer: Who Is The Slowest NBA Player?

What team is Wilt Chamberlain on in 2k20?

Philadelphia 76ersWilt Chamberlain is among the very best players who ever played for the 76ers franchise and had been selected as a member of the All-Time Philadelphia 76ers NBA team by 2K.

He plays at the Center or Small Forward position in this All-Time team..

Who is the slowest player in 2k20?

NBA 2K20 Slowest PlayersSpdSpd w/ ballAnswer2525Brook Lopez2525Robin Lopez2525Boban Marjanovic2626Ivica Zubac15 more rows•Oct 1, 2019

Who is the fastest NBA player 2019?

NBA: The 5 Fastest Players in the League in 2019Donovan Mitchell (3/4 court sprint: 3.01 seconds)Eric Gordon (3/4 court sprint: 3.01 seconds) … Josh Okogie (3/4 court sprint: 3.04 seconds) … Raymond Felton (3/4 court sprint: 3.06 seconds) … Brandon Knight (3/4 court sprint: 3.07 seconds) …

Who is the #1 player in the NBA?

Top 100 NBA players for 2019-20: LeBron James edges Kawhi Leonard for No. 1; Zion Williamson only rookie to make the cut.

Who’s the fastest player in 2k20?

These are the 10 fastest players in NBA 2K20.John Wall – Overall Speed: 92 / Speed with the ball: 92. … Ja Morant – Overall Speed: 92 / Speed with the ball: 92. … Russell Westbrook – Overall Speed: 96 / Speed with the ball: 96. … De’Aaron Fox – Overall Speed: 97 / Speed with the ball: 97.More items…•

Who is the fastest player in 2k20?

List of Current Players with the Highest Speed Attribute on NBA 2K21#PlayerSPEED1.De’Aaron Fox PG | 6’3″ | SAC972.Donovan Mitchell SG / PG | 6’1″ | UTA963.Russell Westbrook PG / SG | 6’3″ | HOU964.Josh Okogie SF / SG | 6’4″ | MIN96101 more rows

Who is the best 2k20 player online?

NBA 2K20 Top Players So FarLeBron James – 97.Kawhi Leonard – 97.Giannis Antetokounmpo – 96.James Harden – 96.Kevin Durant – 96.Stephen Curry – 95.Anthony Davis – 94.Paul George – 93.More items…•

Who is the best 2k20 player?

These are the top 20 players in the NBA, according to “NBA 2K20”:LeBron James, Los Angeles Lakers, 97 Overall.Kawhi Leonard, Los Angeles Clippers, 97 Overall. … Giannis Antetokounmpo, Milwaukee Bucks, 96 Overall. … James Harden, Houston Rockets, 96 Overall. … Kevin Durant, Brooklyn Nets, 96 Overall. … More items…•