Quick Answer: Which Country Is The Best At Hockey?

Who is the best hockey player in the world right now?


Connor McDavid, C, Edmonton Oilers.

For the third straight season, McDavid tops the list.

The 22-year-old finished second in the NHL with 116 points (41 goals, 75 assists), behind Kucherov, and had at least one point in 66 of his 78 games for the Oilers..

Which country is best in the world?

Switzerland. #1 in Best Countries Overall. … Canada. #2 in Best Countries Overall. … Japan. #3 in Best Countries Overall. … Germany. #4 in Best Countries Overall. … Australia. #5 in Best Countries Overall. … United Kingdom. #6 in Best Countries Overall. … United States. #7 in Best Countries Overall. … Sweden. #8 in Best Countries Overall.More items…

Which country has most gold medals in hockey?

CanadaTeams from Canada have won the most medals, with fifteen, including nine gold.

What country is known for hockey?

CanadaThe contemporary sport of ice hockey was developed in Canada, most notably in Montreal, where the first indoor hockey game was played on March 3, 1875.

Which country produces the most NHL players?

CanadianCanada has been the NHL’s leading producer of players since Gordie Howe wore short pants. Even longer than that, in fact. Do the math, and 43.9 percent of the skaters who have suited up in an NHL game so far this season have been Canadian (268 out of 610).