Quick Answer: What Is Bryce Harper’S Salary?

Is Bryce Harper’s contract guaranteed?

On Thursday, Bryce Harper became the latest in a string of players to set a new salary standard, reaching a free-agent deal with the Philadelphia Phillies for 13 years and $330 million, the most ever guaranteed to a baseball player..

How much does Bryce Harper make per minute?

If you breakdown the dollars, Harper will get an estimated $44,929 per plate appearance and $156,695 per game. Per year (25.3 million), per month (2.1 million), per day (70K), per hour (2.9K), per minute (48 dollars), per second (. 80 cents).

Who is the highest paid player in baseball?

Mike TroutMike Trout, Los Angeles Angels’ starting pitcher, is the highest paid Major League Baseball player, with total earnings of 396 million U.S. dollars in 2019.

Who sponsors Bryce Harper?

His $6.5 million in estimated endorsement earnings are the highest in the sport, led by his significant shoe and apparel pact with Under Armour. Harper partnered with Blind Barber, a network of men’s barbershops where customers can also have a cocktail and buy the brand’s hair care products.

What is Mike Trout’s net worth?

He signed a 12-year deal worth $426,500,000, including a $20 million signing bonus, in 2019, according to SportTrac. His base salary is $36 million in 2020 and $34.45 million in 2021-30. His net worth is said to be $630 million.

What is Bryce Harper’s net worth?

Bryce Harper Net Worth and Salary: Bryce Harper is an American professional baseball player who has a net worth of $70 million. Bryce started his career with the Washington Nationals before signing with the Phillies after 2018.

Is Bryce Harper worth the money?

Harper, despite only playing in his 8th season in Major League Baseball, already has an estimated net worth of $70 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth.

Who is Bryce Harper’s wife?

Kayla Varnerm. 2016Bryce Harper/Wife

How long is Bryce Harper’s contract?

Baseball phenom Bryce Harper has signed a $330 million, 13-year contract with the Philadelphia Phillies, according to the Associated Press (AP), citing a person familiar with the negotiations. The deal is dependent on the 26-year-old outfielder passing a physical exam and believed to be the largest in baseball history.