Quick Answer: What Has Tongue But Cannot Walk?

What has a tongue but Cannot speak or eat?

The answer for What has a tongue but does not eat or speak.

Riddle is “A Shoe.”.

What can run but Cannot walk?

A river, because a river can run, but it can’t walk. Only three things exist in the nature , which can run but not walk. … It can run fast, it can run slow and sometimes it throws exceptions and then you need to run it again.

What is white when it’s dirty?

What is black when it’s clean and white when it’s dirty? A chalkboard (or blackboard). It’s solid black when clean, and as you write on it with white chalk it becomes dirty. A chalkboard (or blackboard).

What room no one can enter?

#jokes, Home / Fun Stuff for Kids / Jokes for Kids / Q: What room can no one enter? A: A mushroom.

What has an eye but Cannot see riddle?

The answer to the “what has an eye but cannot see” riddle is a needle.

What has teeth but Cannot bite?

Explanation: As per the riddle, a comb has teeth but it can’t bite. Other inanimate objects with teeth like a saw, zipper, or gear can bite you. Hence comb is the correct answer.

What is always running but no legs?

Riddle: What can run but has no legs? Answer: An engine.

What has words but Cannot speak?

Riddle: “What has words but cannot speaks?” Answer: The correct answer is “A book.” The book is the correct answer because a book is a thing which consists of many words, but it cannot speak as it doesn’t have a mouth.

What is black when you get it red?

The answer of this riddle is Charcoal, which is black when we buy it or when not being used. It gets red in appearance when put in use means to say when burning. And eventually when it’s been consumed by fire or after getting burned out or used up, changes into ashes which look grey in color.

What has an eye but no head?

Hey mate, here is your answer : A chalkboard or blackboard.

What gets broken without being held?

Well, no sweat. We have the answer right down below! So, The answer to this riddle is A promise.

What has 4 legs but Cannot walk?

The answer for What has four legs, but can’t walk? Riddle is “Table.”

What has many keys but can’t open a single lock?

A piano has many keys but can’t open a single lock. “A Piano” is the correct answer of this riddle.

What has a head but Cannot talk and a tail but Cannot walk?

The answer is…a penny! The key is that the coin has a head side and a tail side, but neither a literal head nor tail!

What has a tongue but Cannot taste?

Question: I have a tongue but cannot taste. I have a soul but cannot feel. Answer: A shoe.

What can fly without wings?

The answer to the “what flies without wings” riddle is “time”.

What has a soul but doesn’t live and a tongue but can’t taste?

The answer to this particular idiom is Shoe. Because shoes are mainly having the soul but they cannot live and they do have a tongue but they cannot be able to taste anything except the smell.

What goes through a door but?

Tutorial: Question: What goes through a door but never comes on or goes out? Answer: KEYHOLE I hope you enjoyed!