Question: What’S Patti LaBelle Net Worth?

Who is Patti LaBelle’s boyfriend?

Patti LaBelle is reportedly dating her 41-year-old drummer.

The singer, 71 years old, has apparently been seeing drummer Eric Seats over the past year and a half, though they have tried to keep the news of their relationship from leaking out, according to Daily Mail Oline..

How do you fix a runny sweet potato pie?

Pour into unbaked pie shells. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour or until done, keeping a close eye on the pies. Notes: If your potato mixture comes out too runny or juicy, add flour (1 tablespoon at a time) to mixture, before pouring into pie shells.

How much did Patti make from her pies?

Walmart told Yahoo! Back in 2015 that it was selling one pie every second for a 72-hour period after the video came out, which amounts to almost $1 million in pie sales. This Patti LaBelle person is sure to get famous with a pie recipe as successful as this one!

How do you make Patti LaBelle pies?

3 large orange-fleshed sweet potatoes (Louisiana yams), scrubbed.8 tablespoons (1 stick) butter, melted.3/4 cup packed light brown sugar.1/2 cup granulated sugar.2 large eggs, beaten.1/4 cup half-and-half.3/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon.1 teaspoon ground nutmeg.More items…

Does Walmart have sweet potato pies?

The Bakery at Walmart Sweet Potato Pie, 24 oz – –

Is Patti LaBelle in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?

LaBelle has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and the Apollo Theater Hall of Fame….Patti LaBelleWebsitepattilabelle.com9 more rows

How old is Patti LaBelle?

76 years (May 24, 1944)Patti LaBelle/Age

What Singer sells pies at Walmart?

Patti LaBellePatti LaBelle Sells a Sweet Potato Pie Every Two Seconds at Walmart. Five years after the singer’s dessert first went viral, Walmart shoppers are still buying 36,000 pies every single day.

How many sweet potatoes make a pound?

2After surveying the vegetable selection we discovered that 1 pound of sweet potatoes is equal to 2 large or 3 medium sweet potatoes.

Does Patti LaBelle have a daughter?

Stayce HoltePatti LaBelle/Daughters

Where can I purchase Patti LaBelle pies?

Walmart.comPatti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie, 36 oz – –

How do I know when my sweet potato pie is done?

The center of the pie should have some give; it should jiggle slightly in the center. The pie has an internal temperature of 175°F on an instant-read thermometer when done. If you don’t want to take the temperature, a knife inserted into the edge of the filling should come out moist but clean.

Where can I buy Patti LaBelle frozen food?

Patti LaBelle Introduces New Frozen Soul Food Line At Essence Festival. LaBelle’s savory soul foods will be found in Walmart stores across the country later this year.

Who owns Patti LaBelle pies?

WalmartPatti LaBelle with her Walmart line of Patti Pie. (Courtesy of Walmart). A spokesperson for Walmart told FOX Business Tuesday the retailer sells a whopping 36,000 of LaBelle’s sweet potato pies every day – or 1,500 pie every hour.

How Old Is Gladys Knight now?

76 years (May 28, 1944)Gladys Knight/Age