Question: What Is A Good Kill Death Ratio Apex?

Is 0.90 A good KD?

It’s not that bad since you can always go lower then 0.90, but it’s also far from good.

A little below average..

Is a 1.16 KD good?

Yes. Anything above 1 is a good K/D.

Is a 1.25 KD good?

By and large, most players consider anything above 1:1 to be good — it shows that you kill more often than you die. As an example, a kill-death ratio of 1.25 means that you’re able to earn five kills for every four deaths.

Is a 1.2 KD good in siege?

K/D definitely matters, no matter which operator you’re playing. Anything above 1.0 is good, but 2.0 or 3.0 is preferable. Even if you’re playing Montagne and don’t directly engage the enemy very much, the times when you do have to fight an enemy, you need to be able to keep that 1.0 K/D.

Does KD matter in Apex?

Kills don’t really matter. It’s a battle royale game, the only stat that matters is wins – everyone, even the winning team can theoretically die at least once each game. KD matters in normal PvP shooters like Titanfall for sure, but in a BR the only goal is winning. … Kills/games played.

Who is the #1 ranked Apex player?

apex Rank Score LeaderboardRankPlayerRank Score1col funfps14,3482Zeroplus13,9663col_iou13,7744COL reptar13,64796 more rows

How do I raise my KD in Apex legends?

Top 4 tips to improve your KDR in Apex LegendsPre-aim. This tip is universal across all shooter games: instead of just walking with your crosshairs pointed in the direction you are moving, always keep it placed on spots enemies could emerge from. … Use guns with minimal attachments. … Stay close to cover. … Play Wraith.

What is a good kill death ratio?

1.5A good K/D ratio in Modern Warfare is considered to be 1.5 or thereabout. Or 1.5 kills to every death. Newbies will definitely get killed more often than kill, as will most players. This is why 1.5 is considered a good ratio, which can be 12 kills and 8 deaths, for example.

Is a 1.00 KD good?

80-1.00 is average and anything about 1.00 is good. If you at least have a 1.00 KD it means you’re killing more than you’re dying. I personally like being in the 1.50-2.00 range. But that’s just me.

Who is the best Apex player 2020?

Top Players of 2020 for Apex LegendsPlayer IDPlayer Name1.ImMadnessRyan Schlieve2.rprDan Ušić3.PowPowChristian Blaylock4.VaxlonAlan Gonzalez56 more rows

Is 0.75 A good KD?

anything higher than 1 is good. if you have kd lower than 0.75 just uninstall.

Is a 0.8 KD good?

0.8 is bad. It’s not the worst by any stretch of the imagination but in general if you’re getting killed more than you are killing then you are doing something wrong.

Who has the most kills in Apex overall?

ImShleepDawgapex Kills LeaderboardRankPlayerKills1ImShleepDawg143,5032apryze139,4843Abusing_r2138,0024FEUTTV_FIVER5gg137,79296 more rows

Is 0.9 A good KD?

Meaning 0.9-1.0 is average. Below 0.9 is bad. 1.0-1.5 is good, 1.5-2.0 is good, 2.0-2.5 is beastly, and above 2.5 you can carry a terrible team single-handedly.

Who is the best player on Apex?

Top Player Rankings For Apex LegendsPlayer ID% of Total1.ImperialHal91.30%2.Albralelie99.33%3.Reps98.51%4.dizzy93.81%77 more rows•Feb 12, 2019