Question: How Do You Use The Word Abide?

Which preposition is used with abide?

In 13% of cases abide in is used Whoever abides in me and I in him, he it is that bears much fruit.

He who eats my flesh and drinks my blood abides in me, and I in him..

What are synonyms for abide?

Synonyms & Antonyms of abide byadhere (to),comply (with),conform (to),follow,goose-step (to),mind,obey,observe.

What is the opposite word of abide?

Opposite of to remain in existence or active. cease. close. conclude. desist.

What is a word for following directions?

What is another word for follow orders?heedmindfollownotemarkobserveconsiderlisten toobeynotice76 more rows

What do you call someone who follows orders?

You can call that person a conformist. A person who uncritically or habitually conforms to the customs, rules, or styles of a group.

How do you use abiding in a sentence?

Abiding sentence examplesIt is under the abiding influence of the Holy Ghost, and therefore cannot err in matters of faith. … The rest of Palermo was soon granted; the Semitic capital became the abiding head of Sicily. … “He’s only abiding by the judge’s direction,” Cynthia answered.More items…

What is the correct meaning of abide?

1 : to remain stable or fixed in a state a love that abided with him all his days. 2 : to continue in a place : sojourn will abide in the house of the Lord. abide by. 1 : to conform to abide by the rules. 2 : to accept without objection : to acquiesce in will abide by your decision.

How do you abide in the Word of God?

7 Ideas to Creatively Abide in God’s WordWake up 10-15 minutes earlier. Seriously. … Memorize scripture with your kids. … Sing! … Read to your kids from the actual Bible. … Leave Bible verses around the house. … Listen to an Audio Bible while you are doing those mundane, everyday tasks. … Do family Bible study during dinner time.

What does abiding mean?

: continuing for a long time : enduring an abiding interest in nature.

Will you abide by the rules?

An old definition of abide is “to live” — think of abode, as in “dwelling.” If you abide by the rules, it means you live with them, and you will follow them. If you can’t abide your sister’s shrill violin playing, it means you can’t live with it, you can’t be in the house when she’s practicing.

Will abide your decision?

If you abide by a decision, you accept it and comply with it, even though you might disagree with it.