Question: Are Flags Royalty Free?

Why did Harold Thomas make the Aboriginal flag?

Luritja artist Harold Thomas created the flag The red, black and yellow came to symbolise the strength, resistance and resilience of Aboriginal people, particularly for the modern land rights movement.

In 1995, it became an official flag of Australia by proclamation of the governor general, on 14 July..

How much did Harold Thomas sell the Aboriginal flag for?

WAM Clothing was established in Nov 2018 and signed a worldwide exclusive agreement with Harold Thomas for the use of the Aboriginal flag on Clothing. What we didn’t know was, Harold licensing agreement with WAM Clothing was for a $20,000 lump sum plus royalties over 10 years.

Who made Aboriginal flag?

artist Harold ThomasThe Aboriginal flag was designed and created by artist Harold Thomas, a Luritja man from central Australia and a member of the Stolen Generations. The flag has become a symbol of Aboriginal Australia and holds special legal and political status worldwide.

Unlike most other flags around the world, the Aboriginal flag is still protected by copyright. That copyright is owned by Luritja man Harold Thomas, who created the flag for the National Aboriginal Day march in July 1971. … But in 1997, the Federal Court declared him the author and owner of the copyright.

Did the Aboriginal flag get sold?

Unlike most official flags, it is not owned by the government. Instead the flag belongs to Harold Thomas, an Aboriginal artist who designed it in 1971 for his people’s civil rights movement.