Is Klay Better Than Steph?

Can Steph Curry play shooting guard?

Instead of assigning a player a position, we’re categorizing that player due to their actual play instead of fitting a square into a circle.

In this instance, Curry can be considered a shooting guard.

Because he shoots.

But he can also pass..

Who is better Klay or Steph?

Klay Thompson is a better defender than Steph, but that’s it. … Steph Curry, for his size, is a better rebounder than Klay is for his size. Steph is a better passer too and has much better court vision. Steph in game 6 was one assist away from a triple double.

Who is the best pure shooter in NBA history?

Top 15 shooters in NBA history: CBS Sports ranks the greatest of all time, from Stephen Curry to Ray AllenStephen Curry. This is not even a debate. … Klay Thompson. … Ray Allen. … Larry Bird. … Reggie Miller. … Kyle Korver. … Steve Nash. … Kevin Durant.More items…•

What is Seth Curry’s net worth?

Seth Curry’s net worth is currently estimated to be at $4 million, according to Wealthy Persons.

Are Stephen and Seth Curry twins?

Seth Adham Curry (born August 23, 1990) is an American professional basketball player for the Dallas Mavericks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). … He is the son of former NBA player Dell Curry and the younger brother of NBA player Stephen Curry.

Why is Steph Curry the best shooter?

Stephen Curry is the greatest shooter who has ever played the game of basketball. One reason he is considered so great is because of the accuracy in which he makes his shots. The NBA 3-point shot is 24 feet away. The average percentage of this shot across the league is 35%.

Is Steph Curry in his prime?

To Kerr, Curry is in his prime because he of all the past experiences and defenses he has seen in the league.

Is Klay Thompson healthy?

Thompson, 30, worked closely with director of sports medicine and performance Rick Celebrini and did not report any soreness during the camp. “He’s feeling really good,” Kerr said. “He’s healthy. Rick’s not concerned at all about the injury.

What is Klay Thompson worth?

Klay Thompson’s Net Worth As of June 2019, Klay Tompson’s net worth is estimated to be around $34.3 million according to Forbes.

How old is Seth Curry?

30 years (August 23, 1990)Seth Curry/Age

What makes Klay Thompson so good?

He’s also an underrated shot-blocker (0.5 per game). The beauty of this is that Thompson’s ability to guard the best opposing backcourt player on any given night allows the Warriors to consistently hide Curry on weaker offensive players. This frees him up to pick pockets and play passing lanes.

How Klay Thompson shoots?

He focused on getting the ball up above the forehead, extending the arms and keeping the hand spread, with the index and middle fingers making a “V.” “Before every day in practice, we would shoot our jump shot over our head from just inside the key,” Thompson said.

Is Klay Thompson the best shooter?

Outside of teammate Stephen Curry, Thompson might be the greatest shooter of all time. With five 3-pointers in Wednesday’s win over Houston, he joined Curry as the only players in NBA history to hit at least 200 3-pointers in seven straight seasons.

Is Klay better than Curry?

He leads the NBA in points per game (31.8), field goals made (283) and three-pointers made (131), and he’s shooting a career-high 52 percent. Not surprisingly, Thompson called Curry the better shooter of the two—but he doesn’t think there is a huge gap. “Right now, Steph’s a better shooter,” Thompson said.

Is Seth Curry better than Steph Curry?

Shooting, in keeping with the family business, is his hallmark skill. Believe it or not, Seth actually has a better career 3-point shooting percentage than his brother Stephen — 43.9 to 43.6 percent. Seth shot 45 percent from 3 on 3.4 attempts a game this season, the third-highest mark in the league.

Is Kevin Durant healthy?

The two-time NBA Finals MVP’s manager also provided a separate health update on KD, who tested positive for COVID-19. “He was fortunate that he was asymptomatic throughout and is now clear and free of it,” Kleiman said.

Who is the second best shooter in the NBA?

1. Stephen CurryBy sinking 2,025 3s in the 2010s, James Harden ranked second in the NBA in made triples. Steph was No. … Curry’s 3s were tough.