How Many Levels Are In BioShock Infinite?

What is BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode?


1999 Mode is an unlockable mode of gameplay that is more difficult than the “Hard” setting.

It can be unlocked by either beating BioShock Infinite for the first time or on consoles by entering the Konami Code (up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B [cancel], A [confirm]) while in the game menu..

How many hours does it take to complete BioShock Infinite?

11.5 hoursOn average, completing the main story will take 11.5 hours, landing directly in between the story lengths of BioShock and BioShock 2. Depending on if players are rushing through or enjoying the story, they can expect to add or subtract around 3 hours from the average time.

Can you backtrack in Bioshock 2?

No backtracking. So find yourself a list, and do it before you leave each area.

How long is uncharted 4 story?

about five hoursAfter an explosive intro, Uncharted 4 rewinds time a bit to fill in a few gaps in Nathan Drake’s back story. It’s a pretty lengthy prologue – you’ll spend about five hours or so in a handful of surprisingly quiet character-building moments, until the adventure finally ‘gets going’ around chapter seven or eight.

Should I kill slate BioShock Infinite?

When sparing Slate in the First Lady’s Memorial, the player can still inflict injury toward Slate’s model, yet it won’t kill him. … If you spare Slate at first then find him in the Good Time Club, if you shoot him, his character model still blinks and breaths, despite being dead.

What does the ending of BioShock Infinite mean?

At the end of the game, Elizabeth takes Booker to the lighthouses so he can comprehend things and show him what needs to be done for the greater good. When Elizabeth asks Booker if he fears God, it is a hint that she is a moral person and may feel obligated to do the right thing.

Are there different endings in BioShock Infinite?

There are no lasting differences in the game’s ending because the story is destined to end the same way regardless. Elizabeth eventually shows Booker an infinite sea of lighthouses, an ocean of doors leading to other realities. But many are portals into other versions of the same tale where Comstock is also a threat.

Are the Lutece twins dead?

They are neither dead or alive in the regular sense of the words. They are spread across and between all dimensions and universes. They are eternal. New Bioshock 1 and 2 dlc featuring the Luteces.

How did Lady Comstock die?

Lady Annabelle Comstock (née Watson) was the First Lady of Columbia and the wife of Zachary Hale Comstock. She was allegedly murdered by Daisy Fitzroy, and is remembered and revered by the citizens of Columbia, who have memorialized her image across the city.

How old is bookert?

55 years (March 1, 1965)Booker T/Age

Can you go back in BioShock Infinite?

2 Answers. For the purpose of Achievements, you can backtrack by loading previous chapters via the menu. Play Game > Load Chapter. This only works for the ‘Eavesdropper’ and ‘Sightseer’ Achievements however.

How hard is BioShock Infinite 1999 Mode?

1999 mode can be very hard at first and with some of the heavy hitters or situations. However, the scavenger hunt trophy playthrough within the 1999 mode… that can definitely make for a difficult playthrough, especially with only autosaves.

How long is uncharted 1?

It really depends how you play it. If you just go through the story it will take less than 10 hours. If you try to collect treasures it may take longer. I’m playing through for the story a 4th time right now and I’ve gotten 3/4 of the way through in maybe 5 hours or so.

Is Booker DeWitt still alive?

Our Booker died at the end of Infinite, Elizabeth wanted to drown him in order to eliminate any universe where Comstock was already born and prevent any other Bookers from becoming him once again, so, in doing this, Elizabeth erased Comstock, and with him, herself, as Anna was never captured and therefore never lost …

Why did Comstock kill Lutece?

The official story in Columbia is that Lady Comstock was murdered by the leader of the Vox Populi, Daisy Fitzroy. The truth, however, is that Comstock had her killed after she threatened to reveal the truth about where Elizabeth came from – information given to her by Rosalind Lutece.

Is Comstock a booker?

Comstock is an alternate version of Booker DeWitt. After the Battle of Wounded Knee, Booker was overcome with guilt for the atrocities he committed and sought a way to absolve himself of his sins. … She and Booker travel to the place of Booker’s baptism, where he was “reborn” as Comstock.

Who are the Lutece twins?

The Lutece Twins Robert (Oliver Vaquer) and Rosalind Lutece (Jennifer Hale) are two mysterious individuals that direct Booker to Columbia and appear throughout his travels.

Is BioShock a scary game?

The game still has scary moments and frightening creatures, but the moment-to-moment experience is no longer terrifying. The survival part of survival horror is key to this tonal shift. The cornerstone of horror games is a constant, low-level feeling of powerlessness.